TBS Dive Instructors


TINY BUBBLES SCUBA, INC. established  1998

Owned and Operated by Divers, for Divers

Tiny Bubbles Scuba started at The Ka’anapali Beach Club back in 1998, at the time it was called The Embassy Suites Resort.

Located in Honokawai, “West Maui” HI, we cater to the scuba diver who wants to dive in small groups with an experienced and knowledgeable guide to show them all that Maui has to offer underwater.

At Tiny Bubbles Scuba we specialize in taking our time, going slow, and doing whatever we can to make your dive experience as enjoyable as possible.  We are a “YES” company, striving to exceed your expectations!

Tiny Bubbles Scuba instructors are all PADI and SDI instructors with over 30 yrs. experience in Scuba Diving Around The Globe.

Our motto is: “LET’S GET TANKED” – We are Always Available, We will do what we can to get you underwater!


Meet the Staff


Tim is scuba diving on maui with an octopus

Timmerz and his favorite critter “Octo”

Scientific Name: Timothy Madaras Rollo
Common Name: ” Timmerz ”
Hawaiian Name: Kimokeo

Where commonly found:
20′-40′ deep with my head in a hole trying to kiss an Eel or dig out a Tako (octopus)

Habitat and Behavior (Interests, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, Etc.):
Like : Scuba (of course), Sailing, Photography, Hiking, Swimming (anything to do with water), Cold Beer, Pizza, Manicotti, Enchiladas, Movies, and LOVE LIFE !

Do Not Like :
Broccoli, Runoff into the ocean, pollution – All kinds

Distribution (Where Have  Been Scuba):
Channel Islands (AnaCapa, Santa Catalina, San Clemente, Santa Barbara), So. California Beaches, Santa Barbara – Oil Rigs, Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Molokini, Kauai, Niihau, Mexico(Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Loreto-Baja, Cancun, Tulum-Mayan Riviera), Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac), Honduras (Utilla, Roatan, Cayos Cochinos, Guanaja), Costa Rica, Belize, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Burma and Thailand…

I am an only child that was raised in the Dive shop and out in the water (mostly underwater). Born in Los Angeles and then moved to Santa Catalina Island when I graduated High School. I went on a 3 week vacation in 1995 to Maui and have never left. I feel the closest to myself and closest to the world way out here in the middle of the Pacific. IT’S HOME!

Favorite Marine Life: OCTOPUS
Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club or Weird Science

Certifications -Padi:
O/W, Adv. O/W, MFA(EFR), Rescue, Divemaster, O/W Instructor, MFA Instructor, Specialty Instructor : Night, Deep, Navigation, Wreck, Scooter, Kayak, Multilevel,  U/W Photographer, Nitrox, Semi-closed Rebreather, Equipment Technician, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, IDC Staff Instructor,  Emergency First Response Instructor.

Certifications – SDI/TDI:
O/W Instructor, Specialty Instructor : Nitrox, Solo Diver, CPR 1st Aid, Computer, Nitrox, Gas Blender, Diver Propulsion, Buoyancy, Deep, Night-Limited Visibility, Wreck, U/W Photography.

Scientific Name: Robert Alan Groh
Common Name: ” Animal ”
Hawaiian Name: Lopaka

Where commonly found:
20′ to 30′ deep at the Sea Turtle cleaning station

Habitat and Behavior (Interests, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, Etc.):
Like : Surfing, Hiking, Bowling, Movies, Skiing, Photography

Do Not Like : Speedo’s or Litter

Distribution (Where Have Been Scuba):Maui , Lake Stockton – Missouri

The youngest of three brothers and sisters, moved to Maui in 2000

Favorite Fish: Frog Fish
Favorite Invertebrate: Octopus
Favorite Movie: Usual Suspects

Certifications :
 O/W, Adv. O/W, MFA, Rescue, Divemaster, O/W Instructor
SDI: O/W Instructor

Randy Burch

Randy Burch

Scientific Name: Randal Allen Burch
Common Name: ” Flash ”
Hawaiian Name: Lanaki

Where commonly found:
20′-30′ deep with the blue stripped snapper, waving aloha to the Honu

Habitat and Behavior (Interests, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, Etc.):
Like: All ocean activities especially Scuba, music, & the culinary scene.
Also, Astronomy …stargazing in Maui

Do Not Like : Holding one’s breath while scuba diving and litter in the ocean

Description: and (Where Have Been Scuba):

Oldest of 3, with a middle brother and sister the youngest

Grew up in cold water of Northern California, SF Bay Area
Most of my time spent in Marin from free diving @ Salt Point to Fort Bragg,scuba diving in Monterey Bay,

Channel islands in Southern California

( San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz & Anacapa)

Always in the ocean, I find peace.

Favorite Fish: Frogfish

Favorite Movie :  The Good, the bad & the ugly, and all clint eastwood westerns

Certifications :

PADI : O/W, Adv. O/W, MFA (EFR), Rescue diver, Dive Master, O/W Instructor
Brandon Wolters

Brandon Wolters in Lahaina, MAUI

Scientific Name: Brandon Wolters
Common Name: ”          ”
Hawaiian Name: Palanakonu

Where commonly found:
Habitat and Behavior (Interests, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, Etc.):
Like :

Do Not Like : 

Distribution (Where Have Been Scuba):

Favorite Fish:

Favorite Invertebrate:
Favorite Movie:

Certifications :