About Tiny Bubbles Scuba

A Little Bit about Tiny Bubbles Scuba at The Ka’anapali Beach Club . . .

Tiny Bubbles Scuba, Inc. was founded in 1998. We are, and always have been owned and operated by scuba divers for scuba divers. Tiny Bubbles Scuba started at The Ka’anapali Beach Club, introducing and teaching scuba diving to visitors and locals, alike. Back then, The Ka’anapali Beach Club was known as The Embassy Suites Resort. (Many people still refer to The Ka’anapali Beach Club as “The Old Embassy Suites” or “The Pink Pyramid”.)

We cater to scuba divers and snorkelers of every and all levels of experience.  Any scuba diver who wants to experience scuba diving on Maui, in small groups, with experienced and knowledgeable dive guides, is welcome to scuba dive with Tiny Bubbles Scuba. The scuba diving instructors of Tiny Bubbles Scuba love nothing more than sharing the underwater world that Maui has to offer.

At Tiny Bubbles Scuba, we specialize in taking our time, going slow, and doing everything we can to make your scuba diving experience as enjoyable as possible. Tiny Bubbles Scuba is a “YES” company, striving to exceed your expectations!

Tiny Bubbles Scuba has partnered with many activity booking companies on Maui, Hawaii. These partnerships have opened up the possibilities to better serve the visitors and locals of this Maui island we call home. We can share our love of scuba diving with more scuba divers than ever before.

All scuba diving instructors at Tiny Bubbles Scuba are PADI and SDI certified Scuba  Instructors, with over 30 years collective experience. We have been Scuba Diving all around the world and love to share our experiences.

The scuba diving instructors of Tiny Bubbles Scuba are Always Available to assist with what ever comes up.  We will do what ever we can to get you underwater! We are innovators when it comes to the scuba diving experience. Tiny Bubbles Scuba’s  programs are “Custom Beach Dives”…


Tim &Marcia smiling underwater with Tiny Bubbles Scuba

Tim & Marcia smiling underwater with Tiny Bubbles Scuba